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Meet the Team



I started riding bicycles shortly after Greg LeMond’s first Tour de France victory in 1986 on a Dave Scott addition Centurion. I rode that bike until I started working at Bicycle Works in 1988 and traded it in for a Trek 2300 that I rode with Bob for many miles and many county line sprints (all of which I won! But don’t ask him, he will remember otherwise). I rode my first century, the Sequoia Century in Palo Alto, in 1990.

I married Ronda in 1991 and moved to Berkeley where she was going to Cal (go Bears!). While living there I worked for Backroads Bicycle Tours. I returned to Napa in 1995 and started working for Bicycle Works again. I love old Cannondale Bicycles and have ridden many. My first was a M800 Beast of the East, a fully rigid high bottom bracket frame I got specifically to ride Oat Hill Mine Road. Currently you will find me on my Retotec ATB or my Inglis road bike but you will need to look for me at night as that’s when I am most active. If you are ever looking for a week night ride I lead two a couple, call the store for the latest information, all are welcome to join me.



I’ve been working on bicycles as far back as I can remember. When I was little I loved taking things apart and putting them back together – not always successfully. I was always compelled to take my bike apart, you know, to see how it worked. With the help of a few basic tools in the garage, I found myself looking at the parts that comprise a bicycle, all neatly arranged on the driveway.

Like a lot of people my interest in bicycles started when I received my first bicycle when I was five years old. I can’t remember the brand of it, but it got a ton of use and gave me my first black eye. I was taught how to ride a bike the old fashion way. In those days you hopped on the seat with no helmet and no training wheels. Someone held onto the back of the seat and let you go. There wasn’t anything particularly special about it, but to a five year old who pretended he was on a motorcycle as he rode on the trails, was the key that unlocked my passion for the pedal powered two wheeled machine.

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