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Shoes & Fitting
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Running Shoes & Fitting

At Athletic Feat, our number one priority is helping you find the best fitting shoe for your needs! We offer shoe fittings and watch you run or walk to help assess the shoe's performance. We take into account: length and width of foot, height, length and flexibility of the arch and if you may wear orthotics or be dealing with an injury. We're happy to take the time to accommodate any special needs or concerns. We want to send you off with a pair of shoes that will help you reach your goals, be it running a race or having comfortable feet walking all day at work!

Our Brands

We carry many of the latest styles from the following brands

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We stock a wide variety of running socks, sandals, massage tools, running nutrition, hydration gear, insoles, sunglasses and more! 


We want to help you fine tune your running journey!

Our Team
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